Social media is about listening to your consumers and giving them right information at the right time. The prime purpose of social media is to connect with your audience and that could be your customers, internal employees, stakeholders and opinion makers.

Nowadays, many companies are embracing the concept of social media to win more customers. Interestingly, you neither need high skilled labor nor complicated technologies to get going with the social media! Despite this, many companies are failing at their efforts at getting desired results from social media. We explore the reasons…

Many a times companies can’t seem to talk about anything else but themselves. Once in a while self promotion is acceptable but repeating the same practice will only reduce the traffic. It is important to develop strategies which can engage consumers in interesting conversations. For instance, Kodak’s photography blog is in general about creativity and not just about Kodak cameras. Consumers today are intelligent enough to differentiate between blatant advertising and dynamic stuff. So, being creative is the key to success.

Another aspect where companies fail is due to laid back attitude. If a customer has addressed a query or is not happy with your service, provide proactive response to him/her. Once delayed, your company will lose its reputation and most probably that consumer forever. With social media, ‘word of mouth’ is the trick. If you lose on one customer, chances are high that you might lose 10 more as well. Thus proactive attitude can only save the sinking titanic.

Seriously speaking, social media is not a rocket science. Carefully handled, it can generate huge revenues for your brand with a loyal customer base. All you got to do is formulate your policies, procedures, products and processes around the social media. The results are surely going to be lucrative…we can assure you of that!!

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