Orkut and Facebook  has been a favourite topic for quite a while now. Who’s winning; who will lose? What’s the future of social networking? These questions are always buzzing the minds of smart marketers who constantly look for new platforms.

Recently, there was a lot of noise over Facebook promoting itself in India by urging people to add their Orkut Friends. Then Orkut blocked their little tool, so on and so forth.  With Facebook dominating almost every other country, India and Brazil were Orkut’s last bastion. But now even that has crumbled!

This simply means that there are more Indians now on Facebook as compared to Orkut. The stats (as quoted) from the article:

“In August, Orkut’s unique visitors in India dipped by 800,000 within a month, from 16 million visitors in July to 15.2 million visitors in August. On the other hand, Facebook grew its unique visitors in India by 700,000, from 7.5 million visitors in July to 8.2 million visitors in August. This the largest drop in unique visitors Orkut has seen in India over the past year, while Facebook has been steadily growing each month. In fact, Facebook’s audience in India is up 228 percent from a year ago, compared to a 35 percent annual gain for Orkut.”

The reasons : The controversial Friend Export Tool. Another? Facebook Lite. Though a lot of users have complained via WATBlog Comments on how much they hate it, there’s no denying that it possibly has had an impact. Especially since it’s easy and fast to load.

So, Orkut has more users, but very little stickiness. People are way more frequent on Facebook. From a social media marketing perspective, Facebook then clearly has a lead, since it’s users return more often and actually spend more time on the site.facebook