Google has been trying to make search results more user friendly at the same time giving more filtering options to its searchers.

The results are visible only on Google US [View it here] site and are as such missing from regional search portals like Google India. Google seems to be experimenting in adding Facebook friends’ names and also Linkedin Bio info above Users profile link in search results.


Google could provide great value addition for searches as many people are finding Google less effective in the wake of upsurge recorded in spam links for search results. Users are also complaining of severe deterioration of results in higher pages of searches.

This search addition is game changing for Google as more and more social networks approach open policy for profiles thus making it simple for Google to easily crawl useful info and provide better blend of results. In recent past many social networks has introduced new search features.Twitter even went to the extent of revamping its home page to emphasize more on searches. This feature could help it to counter surge of social searches on twitter, digg and plethora of similar services.