Ask your kids one minute if they have to use the bathroom and the answer is “no.” The next minute, they’re doing the potty dance. SitOrSquat is a great app to have on your phone when you are out-and-about in an unfamiliar place and need to know where the closest public restroom is located.

sitorsquat-homepage-charmin.pngI and others of my ilk are most likely to get wound up about location-related mobile apps; these naturally often involve navigation for the  iPhone, not to mention other phones. But there’s a host of other apps providing all manner of location-based services beyond navigation. For example, if you’re out and about and nature calls, as it is wont to do, now you can use your iPhone to find a clean restroom — “restroom” being that quaint American euphemism for toilet.

Personally, I prefer the European term WC, or water closet. Whatever you prefer to call it, if you’re a fussy sort, public toilets can be a source of grave stress. If you fall into that category, then you need to download SitOrSquat.