According to Eric Qualman , It’s good to see that someone (Microsoft) is pushing Google with their launch of Bing. However, while it has some social elements (most popular searches now, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn showing high in the results, etc.) it doesn’t push the envelope enough to give Google a legitimate run for their money.

search-market-share-by-engineIf Microsoft were able to improve upon and integrate their Live CashBack program functionality into Bing, then that would make it much stronger. I strongly believe that the next game changer in search will be:

  1. Integrating my social graph’s reviews/purchases around products/services.
  2. Ability to give some money back to the user for a search purchase/review.

Compete data showed the activity on Bing was a small blip the day it launched, but then it was back to business as usual: Google (73.2 percent) Yahoo (16.5 percent) Bing (5.7 percent). We’ll see if Microsoft’s planned $80 million to $100 million ad campaign has any affect. Television advertising didn’t help a few years back, and they even used monkeys.

So there is still time Bing’s real future get’s decided.