The bread and butter for most publishers has been search traffic, specifically Google traffic. In fact, Google’s search traffic is so important it sprouted a whole new industry, search engine optimization. SEO firms helped publishers get more traffic, which translated into more viewers, which translated into more advertising dollars.


Within the past couple of years, social media properties have sprung a new “social media optimization” industry, based around optimizing content to be found within social media properties. This tended to focus on link services like Digg or StumbleUpon.

However, the looming question has been whether SMO would be a compelling counterpart to SEO. Turns out that that day may be fast approaching. As NewTeeVee reports, Facebook drove more traffic to Perez Hilton on his highest traffic day than any other source, including Google.

After Perez Hilton recorded a single-day high of 13.9 million page views on the day after the Oscars, web research firm Hitwise found that the celeb gossip site’s top traffic source is Facebook. That’s crazy — for nearly as long as web analytics have been widely available, the top referrer for just about anything has been Google.

But since the last week of December, Hitwise analyst Heather Hopkins said, Facebook has given Perez more visits than Google; with 8.70 percent compared to 7.62 percent in a week in the middle of February.