These are tips by ezine articles to find  social media apps for your new iphone.

Try entering “iPhone Apps for Social Media” into your favorite search engine and see what you come up with. You’ll get a confusing array of sites, ranging from undifferentiated lists of iPhone apps, to articles on Internet Marketing, to blog posts about selected iPhone apps, to lists of free iPhone apps, to ads for commercial apps. Wow! Digging through the top hits on your list will begin to give you an idea what’s out there and some clues as to where to look further. You’ll learn there is an application available –called AppsFinder — that allows you to find other apps!

iPhone-App-Page-Group-TransparentPerhaps the best place to learn the benefits of an iPhone applications for a Social Media site is FaceBook — one of the most full-featured and popular apps available today. Go to FaceBook applications and you can learn how the iPhone apps allow you to manage a FaceBook account. You can do the same with other major Social Media sites like Twitter and MySpace but the FaceBook app has been around the longest.

By now you should have an idea of what you can do with iPhone apps. The last — and probably the best — source for finding iPhone applications are on the Social Media sites themselves. Use your favorite site and ask your contacts there what iPhone apps they are using? How do they like them? What apps have they used and found to have little benefit? What sources for free downloads are they aware of? What new apps have they heard about? Visit the apps download site to learn a little more and then try them out. There are applications out there to meet a multitude of interests. Finding ones that are right for you may take some time, but the benefits will be well worth the time and effort invested in finding them. Good luck in your search.