Media is in the same position the music industry was in ten years ago. With the advent of itunes and other mp3 players, the music industry found itself in threat. Traditional media is in the same position now with digital media threatrning to take over.

6a00d83451db1569e200e550587dd08834-640wiHere are a few things the media industry can keep in mind according to mashable:

  • Rumors of your death will be greatly exaggerated- Just like people still want music, people still need news. The news industry isn’t dying, but it must evolve to avoid stagnating.
  • The print industry’s brand will suffer-  Learn from the mistakes that the music industry has made. The news industry’s brand might suffer, but the decline in public perception can be mitigated by embracing new forms of content distribution.
  • This is the end of one-size fits all- Independent music artists have found a way to make money by developing new, innovative value-add models — the news industry must follow suit.