In the recent past, Google and Microsoft search engines have been facing major competition from twitter which unlike the other two has the ability to unearth breaking news and links far quicker than traditional search engines.

7RHUECAA6L7PNCA9HRMLBCALOONKRCAD4MC2ZCAP6BZB3CAQ56937CATT912DCAGCM4DQCAKB7EDOCAALZDY4CA3EKQEUCAI2B1CYCA27EPUSCAPTLTMWCAP6GTG6CAEE5V21CANUQOEBCAF3HFE6CALOYY54However, competition might not even be necessary. According to The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, Twitter is talking to both Google and Microsoft about licensing deals that would allow them to integrate Twitter data into their search engines.

This would be a revolutionary step in the field of search engines if it comes through and of course, will reportedly make Twitter several million dollars.