Twitter Blog BirdsCustomer service / customer support / Helpline call it what you like. But if any of these tools are not executed well they can do more damage to your brand than good. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for your call to be picked up by the call center executive, or get that reply to your email stating a complain. Connectivity, transparency and responsiveness are the key tools that truly enhance customer support. In a instant messaging driven world it is more important than ever to take the customer support to a whole new level.

However large or small a company maybe delivering 100% customer delight is difficult. However social media has given the power to connect instantly and therefore if used intelligently companies today have a great new tool to transform customer care, relations and management. Twitter is a powerful tool that can help companies reduce costs and improve their brand image by connecting directly with their customers.

1. Establish your company identity on Twitter

If you are on Twitter your customers must know. First steps after you have set-up, advertise your twitter page/ link on your website/newsletters or any other collateral you may have. In fact a good idea would be to do a email blast with links to all your social media assets, whether it’s your company Facebook page, slide share, you tube, twitter etc. This will help your customers track you on the social media universe.

2.Monitor and track conversations about your brand

There is no point being on twitter if you’re not tracking the conversation around your brand. What are people already saying about your brand? Have people misinterpreted your message? What about the good things they say about your new feature? Track ALL the possible keywords that are related to your brand, like the names of your key features or any nickname your company may have. And we have tools you can use and master:

Monitter: Monitter makes it simple to track multiple keywords on one page using columns. Create a new column for each new keyword or keyword variation you want to track. Monitter updates in real-time

Tweetbeep: Tweetbeep will check Twitter for you and send you emails with all of the mentions of your brand, as well as links so you can easily save tweets or write a response.

3.Be Honest & Responsive

The internet has made it possible for people to access information instantly. Information is available at the click of a mouse therefore lies can be easily caught. The key to great customer service is the speed and quality of your response. When you find someone complaining about an issue, send them a reply using ‘@’ asking if you can help. And if the problem is big and sensitive get on to the phone. Twitter can be the first and fastest steps to customer connect and it leaves a positive brand message.

4.Be a part of the Conversation

Twitter is a conversational platform, and people like to talk to people, so take time to chat as well. Twitter is an opportunity to build an image and identity for the brand, so talking with customers about why you like the brand so much, what cool things the company has done, or retweeting a success story gives people many reasons to follow what you say.

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