hp2No matter what our perception of global warming is, we all do agree that reducing waste and minimizing the negative impact that we have on the environment is the right thing to do. Many corporates across the world today are involved in community work for the environment at every level.

As a result people have become increasingly aware and are taking steps to reduce negative effects on the environment, discussions have lead to the coining of terms like “going green”, and “eco-friendly”.

While all of this sounds very proactive and exciting and while most have agreed with the ideas behind these terms, it has been a slow process getting active and ongoing participation in programs aimed at raising awareness and changing the way we do things, the ways that we live and work, in order to follow through and actually change the impact that we have on the world around us. However there are companies who are moving fast on the new message paradigm – The social media. Below is a review of the HP Power to Change campaign and their effective use of social media, networks and communities.

HP has launched many programs over the last several years as part of their HP Eco Solutions program, which helps customers identify HP initiatives, products and services designed with the environment in mind. Adding to that program HP has launched their Power to Change Initiative, a campaign that encourages personal computer users around the world to make behavioral changes in support of the environment.

hpwidgetThe campaign encourages users to download a new desktop widget that tracks the cumulative energy savings associated with participants turning off idle PCs when not in use.

The Power To Change widget is available for download by individuals and companies across the globe and is compatible with all PC computing platforms. With the widget, computer users worldwide can watch and explore the energy savings the campaign generates through the power of behavioral changes across individual and global users. It doesn’t end with the Widget, in fact the widget is the starting point… The ‘Power To Change’ campaign is extremely active on Twitter and Facebook. The content posted on the blog and facebook is very very interesting to read.

“Power To Change
is the manifestation of HP’s long-held philosophy that industry leadership is about an ongoing contribution to society,” said John Frey, Americas sustainability executive at HP. “With Power To Change, individuals and organizations can make a small environmental commitment that has the potential for a large impact on addressing sustainability challenges today.”
HP estimates that if 100,000 users shut down their work computers at the end of each day, energy savings could total more than 2,680 kilowatt-hours and carbon emissions reductions could total more than 3,500 pounds per day. This is the equivalent of eliminating more than 105 cars from the road each day. Power To Change is launching across all three HP regions – Asia Pacific and Japan; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and the Americas – and is available in five languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish